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  • TERM DATES 2020:
    Term 1: 16 Jan − 19 Mar
    Term 2: 1 Apr − 11 Jun
    Term 3: 8 Jul − 17 Sep
    Term 4: 30 Sep − 1 Dec

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    18 April: 9am − 12pm
    25 July: 9am − 12pm
    3 October: 9 − 12pm


All lunches must not contain sweets/chocolates/Fizzy drinks; the children's lunchboxes must include a fruit and healthy sandwiches.

At Rainbow Montessori School we place great emphasis on the importance of good nutrition as the first step to a lifelong wellness education program.

Lunch is a very important part of not only your child's day, but of his/her wellness education as well, and we need to count on you to work with us to teach her/him about health and nutrition.

Obviously, we all want to pack lunches that our children will eat. The challenges is to help them discover that wholesome, sugar free foods can taste even better than junk food and do not have the negative effects on our bodies.

For young children, it is a good idea to prepare food in small, easy to handle servings, such as cutting sandwiches into quarters, slicing up fresh fruit and preparing bite sized slices of cheese.

Please no sodas! We, encourage all our children to drink water and diluted pure fruit juice. Please make sure that all containers have your child's name on them.

Do not allow your child to share his/her food with a friend as we have a few children who have special diets.

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