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  • TERM DATES 2020:
    Term 1: 16 Jan − 19 Mar
    Term 2: 1 Apr − 11 Jun
    Term 3: 8 Jul − 17 Sep
    Term 4: 30 Sep − 1 Dec

School Uniform

  • All Grade's children must wear the Rainbow Montessori School uniform.
  • No batman, hunk, or fantasy clothing may be worn.
  • No high heeled shoes are to be worn, as these are extremely bad for their developing spines.
  • Please ensure that hair is neatly clipped away from eyes.
  • All long hair must be tied up into a pony-tail for health reasons.
  • All children need to have a complete set of spare clothing at school.
  • All these items must have the child's name tag on.
  • All children must have a pair of Wellington boots to be left at school for Winter months, the children may wear slippers for inside work.
  • Each child must have a sun hat for Summer and have sun block applied every morning before school.
  • All items must be clearly labelled with the child's name.

  • Rainbow Montessori Golf shirt and shorts
  • Brown/black sandals/white takkies for sports
  • Black/Navy elastics for long hair + Black clips or slides
  • School Hat

  • Rainbow Montessori tracksuit
  • School long sleeve golf shirt
  • Navy School Scarves
  • Navy/White wind breakers
  • Navy/White socks
  • Navy school beanie

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